Is it worth leaving the family "to find yourself?"

Last night, I had a chance to talk to my dad,mom, 2 sisters and brother as they were having a good hearty breakfast in one of the best hotels in Cebu. Having breakfast in a five -star hotel would be a more common practice ever since my sister is connected to this hotel. This would be one of the get togethers that I would miss.

And so, I was the only one who wasn't there again. After that call, just some questions seeped into my mind- Is my quest to fulfill a dream really worth leaving my family? Is "finding myself" more important than living with the family in the Philippines? Are all my experiences here in a foreign country to make me strong worth sacrificing to see my family better?

In my case, I say yes! It is precisely my experiences here that make me a better person, sister, daughter, friend and makes me want to be a better person, sister, daughter, or friend. In my case, I had to be here in order to achieve that.

If I am going to be a better person and human being, then this is all worth it. However, I will always to maintain communication regularly with them as well as make a yearly visit back to the Philippines, or if I'm lucky, I can get to visit them twice in year.