Honk all you can! I honestly do not care!

As you meet different people and join different activities of your interest, you will always meet people who have different values and upbringing and there will always be someone who will pull you down once they see you climbing up the ladder.
If you're lucky, you also will have the chance to meet people who do nothing but complain about anything and everything :) . Impatient drivers honking behind you may tempt you to start cussing.
However, at the end of the day, the only thing that would matter is how you handled the situation.
Like today, as I was going out of the gasoline station to get in the highway with all the fast cars, I was waiting of course for cars to clear or provide a little bit of space for me to squeeze in faster. Now, I suddenly heard this van continuously honking impatiently behind me apparently wanting me to just insert within those fast cars. If he needed to get home and use the bathroom, I would understand. However, I didn't think that was the case.
Well, tough for him! He's behind me. I muttered " Oh, Just let your car fly if you can (with a smirk)". Of course, I waited until it was for me to get in the highway. What can I say, there are just people like that who just loves to honk whenever they can and push people around.
I am just glad that I am not him. Thank God.