Time to Retreat.

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I love Saturdays! Not that I don't love the weekdays but Saturdays for me is just a time to retreat. A time to rest. I do not know Father Time on a Saturday. I do not care what time I wake up. I eat a hearty breakfast, taking my time to savour every bite and enjoy a good cup of coffee with lots of sugar and cream, just the way I like it. I do not have to rush to be someplace else. My saturdays are always reserved for myself and no one, except for some exceptions-where there are friends' special events as birthdays, etc. But other than that. I always make time for a date with myself on Saturdays.

After breakast, I go out for a walk , a jog or a run in the streets, on a park while appreciating the beauty of where I live. Forgive me but I may sound like a freak here but what can I say, thank God for Saturdays. At noon, if I'm not having lunch with a friend, I stay in bed, rolling around it while enjoying a good comedy movie.

My point is this, you should always have a rest day in a week. I believe you are better able to serve someone else or make someone happier when you have sufficient time of rest, enriching your life even more. I have met many Filipinos grinding themselves to death for 7 grueling days. I mean is it really worth it to compromise your health with that kind of schedule? For those who have kept themselves fit in all aspects with that kind of schedule, hats off to you!

But that's just not for me.

I retreat on the weekends.
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