No Ordinary Day

St. Louis 4th  of July FireworksImage by Creativity+ Timothy K Hamilton via Flickr

I was talking to one of the people I work with asking what her plans are for the weekend. Its the 4th of July this weekend, the American's celebration of Independence Day. This is one of the holidays that the Americans really prepare for showing spectacular fireworks in different towns of every state. Anyway, she just responded "It's just like any other weekend".

I was a bit saddened with this reply for her in a way, not because its the 4th of July weekend. But I think any weekend or any day for that matter should not be treated as a regular ordinary day. Otherwise, your actions will just be ordinary, a routine. Your actions follow your attitude. I have met people at lunch who just seem to drag themselves to work only because they need to make money not because they like the job. Of course, money is always a plus. But I have always maintained that if you love your job, the money will just follow.

I admit there are just some days that I don't feel like 'blessing ' people with my presence. In this connection, I have opted not to work on the weekends because I need to have time for myself, friends and just relax and spend time to enjoy my life here even more. I mean don't get me wrong but extra money is always favorable however, its always beneficial for a person to have 'retreats' and recharge oneself during the weekends so that you'll likely be able to bless more people at home and at work with your contagious energy and life.

Attitude Matters. There's no ordinary day.

Have a blessed weekend!

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