Never too busy to make a phone call

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I can never emphasize enough how communication with friends who are back home in the Philippines is still that important.

A few years ago, when some of my closest friends immigrated in the United States a few years earlier than me. They promised that they would regularly keep in contact with me. Unfortunately, that did not happen. I was however lucky to get a phone call once a year. When she visited the Philippines after 3 years, we acted as if we never separated.

But I guess I would later find out that one phone call a year still was not enough to sustain a friendship no matter how many good or bad times you've shared in the past. It was not till I got invited and asked to play a role to one of the biggest moments of her life that I realized how a lack of communication could really not motivate to play that requested role. I agreed, however I did not follow through. I however happily attended the event but not in the role that she wanted me. That finalized the end of a friendship of many years, for her anyway.

My point is regular communication with friends back home and sharing details of each others' lives helps sustain a friendship. Of course there are exceptions to some cases.

But in my case, I learned from that experience. I make it a priority to regularly keep in contact with my friends in the Philippines whether it be via e-mail, chatting or a quick phone call.

I promised myself, I will never be too busy to make a phone call.

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