My dad is wise

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I remember one employee's greeting of my dad at his 60th birthday, he said he would not forget what my dad would always say to him- Even when you are resting, you should still be doing something. We laughed when we heard that. However, my dad is wise. What he said makes sense.

I can especially relate to that. I travel about 21 miles everyday to and from work. driving 30 minutes to and from work is one of the best times that my mind finds time to just be at rest. When I drive instead of listening to music that mostly does not make sense these days, I keep audio cds in my car to listen to every time I travel. I have borrowed several worthwhile audio cds which I mentioned in my previous blogs which has greatly impacted my thoughts and affected the constant revisions of my goals. In moments like these, I get to tap into the most brilliant minds of Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki and Hillary Clinton just to name a few. I have so much more audios that I am interested to listen to and hoped to learn.

Even on Saturdays, which I mentioned my time of rest. I am constantly doing something where either I or someone else could be of benefit . Because of these times of 'rest', I have opened myself to new things which I thought I would never be involved in. With this I mean I am involving myself in favorable and some profitable endeavors that will serve me, myself, my friends, my countrymen nothing but good at present and in the future.

I am constantly in a quest to improve myself and enrich my life by learning from others even when I am resting.
Dad is Wise.
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