Instant Connection with Fellow Pinoys

I had several opportunities where I had 'instant connections' with the Filipinos I meet in my endeavors.

Take for example, one time I shared a table with a fellow Filipina at lunch and we instantly got to talking as if we were long time friends. Now, we regularly have lunch if we see each other at the cafeteria. There were more Filipinos I've shared my table with at lunch that have become an 'instant friend' all because we are of the same race in a foreign country.

There was also a time when I flew back home to the Philippines for a visit, we stopped over in Japan to change planes. I immediately found a fellow Filipino who was kind enough to lead me to where I was supposed to be. Since the airport in Narita, Japan was rather a large complex and for someone who knows his way around, I and some fellow Filipinos gladly accepted this guy's offer. So for a short time, we were like a part of a package group tour in Japan. Everybody enjoyed themselves while waiting for our flights.

One of my colleagues at work said that we Filipinos have this trait that we always be come friends or help our fellowmen when we are in a foreign country which is contrary to her fellowmen. She is also an immigrant here but of a different country of origin. Well, I said, generally what she said is true. Of course, there is always the crab mentality that exists anywhere. But then of course, most of the time in a foreign country, we Filipinos help each other out.

Well, whatever our imperfections are, I am glad to be a Filipino.

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