Be Responsible-Call the Super!

The Typical Filipino FamilyImage by joshbousel via Flickr

To be honest, like any kid growing up in a middle class Filipino family, I was dependent on dad and mom with almost everything. I always had the assurance that my parents will always be there. House maintenance problems, food, financial-wise,emotional support, my sisters and brother and I were lucky enough that we didn't have to worry about those because they would always take care of them.

However, living far away from them, that changed. I would have to depend on myself. The other day, I was thinking of daring myself how far my car would go when the gas tank was almost empty. Now if I were in the Philippines, maybe I would do this knowing that I could call either one of my family to assist me if ever the gas tank goes empty in the middle of the road. But since I have only myself,I opted not to.

Even calling the superintendent to have the plumber repair a shower leak was quite an effort for me-really! Only because I needed to clean up my apartment a bit before I have them come in. I would be quite ashamed to let them come in in an apartment which looked liked it just got hit by a tornado.

I digress. My point is I get to have the opportunity to be more responsible than I was, not only for myself but also for my family's peace of mind.

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