Reward yourself with the best.

cookies n cream ice creamImage by wenday :D via Flickr
On my way home today, I had a terrible craving for cookies n' cream ice cream. I usually buy Edy's Ice cream only when its on sale when I go grocery shopping during the weekend. Today I was too lazy to stop by my usual grocery store. So I dropped by a 7-eleven store, which is just about 4 blocks from home. And so there I was, focused on my quest. Perusing through all the ice cream brands, I opted to take the Haagen Dazs Ice Cream which is a very popular ice cream because of its high quality. Needless to say, it was also more expensive than the other brands.

I got home, sat on my modified sofa-'a blue beach chair' which is very comfy I might add. And so there, I took off the lid, got my spoon ready. And swoosh goes my spoon. It was soOo creamy and easy to scoop even if it was still frozen. It was unlike the other brands of ice cream. It was probably from all the carageenan. The sweetness was just right, you could really taste the vanilla flavor. It satisfied my craving. Anyway, my point is, if you were ever to reward yourself, you should always go for the best, go for first class. I think this goes for any event in your life, whether it be as life changing as choosing a spouse or buying a car or simply as choosing your lunch or your clothes. Go for first class.

Don't be stingy with yourself! You deserve it!

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