Push Carts

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A few months ago, realizing I gained a little bit of weight (Yup, that is definitely a common scenario with all the tempting food choices ), I had to buy a new pair of pants. I went to one of my favorite stores -Old Navy. I eyed this lovely khaki pants which was a perfect fit for my size. While I was waiting to be accommodated by the cashier in a quite long line admiring my lovely pants, shoppers on the other line caught my eye. Why? Because they had these large push carts full of clothes, and I don't mean the mini-push carts. I was amazed by these people. I mean when they shop they really do shop.

Well, I'm no judge but I think there should be a limit by how much they should spend the money. But then again, it's not my business to mind how people spend their money. I was just merely in awe with what I saw, they with their multi-colored clothes and me with a single item held in my hand.

Anyway, I made up my mind that when I started working here and even before I left the Philippines that I should only spend for what I need and of course once in awhile its always good to reward yourself . And so I continue to follow this rule.

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