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I am still devouring the lessons from Donald Trump's Think Big and Kick Ass. One of the things that had a great impact on me was when he said there will always be someone in your life who will bully you. And when he does, don't just sit back and take it but rather GET EVEN!!!

I was reminded of one of the patients in the rehab center who wasn't my patient. One time I just happen to pass by in front of him, and he asked if I could help him with the use of a certain machine. He said "Would you help me here HONEY?" . Now, for me addressing me with honey was derogatory in a professional place. And that kind of statement or manner is commonly used in bars like Shooters and the like. So I said sure but not without telling him off and teaching him that that wasn't appropriate. He felt remorse afterwards and apologized. This incident may be very trivial but its one simple incident that I did not tolerate. My message to him was simply -Never ever mess with me!!! :)

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