I recently had encountered a quite interesting patient. Now this 65 year old patient had a reputation in the physical rehabilitation center to be not as compliant as he says. That is why he keeps on coming back. He has not made any significant progress since he started last October and no therapists was willing to take him anymore. He is amicable but sometimes not consistent with how he behaves when he is with a therapist. The task was given to me this time.

During therapy, he would suddenly have all these 'important' phone calls he has to make and while 'appearing' to do his exercises he would put on his earphones listening to loud music. And so if ever I give him instructions on specific exercises, it was either I'd repeat myself or speak a little bit louder. After 2 sessions, I was fed up with this behavior. Last night, I was trying to think how I should handle this situation.

I was listening to Donald Trump's Audio Think Big and Kick Ass on my way to work this morning when what he said was appropriate for this situation. NEVER FOCUS ON THE PROBLEM or you'll have no energy to focus on the solution. GET EVEN!!! Will I just complain about it or find a solution? I chose the latter. I opted to lay out the rules before treating him. And so today, I gave him a piece of my mind- kindly said of course. I made it clear to him, I will do my job but he has to cooperate. Whew! Problem solved. He behaved today. And so it was a happy ending.

I went home today feeling like a winner.
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