I found this fascinating quote today:

"Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad" -Anne GeddesPINOY LIFE ABROAD, Jun 2009

I used to be afraid of Dad when I was younger. He would always have this stern look on his face like a typical dad. However, certain circumstances changed the image I made of dad .

One of the things that I admire about him was that he was always there no matter what nor how serious our mistakes were. He knows almost everything about our lives. He keeps himself up to date with our lives no matter where we are.

He manages the family's finances well. When we were growing up, he saved enough money to bring us to the United States a few times for vacations as a family instead of spending it for something else. Years ago, a friend would invite my parents to go to the casino with him and his wife. They went, however, after calculating how much money could go to waste if they go regularly and instead use the money to save up for vacations, they stopped. My dad is smart. Its really amazing how he manages the family finances as well as business finances at the same time.

My dad helps my mom in household chores. He washes the dishes (believe me, he really washes them well and he loves doing it), cleans the car, gives the dog baths, cooks breakfast at times if he wakes up earlier than mom, does some gardening, and just fixes what needs to be fixed at home. I mean my mom was never alone in doing all the chores. Their marriage is really a partnership.

When I was waiting for my immigration papers to be processed which really took some time. He would say- Have faith. Trust in God. The perfect time will come. I think that really matters, when the man of the family leads the whole family to God.

He would always show that there is always a solution to any problem. He will always find concrete ways to find a solution to a problem. He faces the problem head on.

Now that I am here on my own, its amazing how in any situation especially challenging ones I may be in, I would ask: mmm, I wonder what would dad or mom say? Or I wonder what dad would do in situations like these?

My point is my dad along with my mom gave us wings to fly. He has taught us so much more by how he acts and deals with different kinds of people rather than just in words. He has continued to guide me on how I make my decisions even when he's so far away from me. Thank you Dad!

Happy Birthday!

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