Dad in my Mind

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I am amazed that every time I am confronted with a situation or just trivial events, I am constantly reminded of my dad and imagine how he would handle situations. In a way, his actions and values have greatly affected how I live in foreign country. Although my dad didn't express it verbally but it was more of his actions that have surprisingly clung to my very being.
Here are a partial list of my dad's admirable actions and what I learned from him:

1. Never start a fight with your neighbor. Always be congenial. Greet when you come across each other.
2. Its okay to have drivers overtake you on the road. Let them pass.
3. Be calm even if emotions of the other party run high. There is always a solution to every problem. (I am still trying to improve on this)
4. Eat what you love to eat.
5. Always spend time with your family and friends.
6. Say yes everytime a friend invites you for a celebration ( I have so far declined one invitation out of the many invites since I got here and of course not counting when I was out of town)
7. Humility and confidence is a perfect combination when talking with people.
8. Gather all the information and study different angles before making a decision. (Of course, with exception to some cases)
9. Let go of 'parasites'.
10. Be up to date with current events. (I am still starting to get into this habit)
11. Choose your battles.

Dad, I, along with my sisters and brother can never thank you enough for being the father you are to us. You have always supported us no matter how we may have made mistakes and hurt you in the past. Thank you!

Happy Father's Day!!!

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