A few years before I came to America to fulfill my dream of being able to work here, I made a list of what I was supposed to do here while working. My financial goals were secondary to my primary intentions -my personal and professional growth. I did not accept that people have this notion that the life of a pinoy immigrant is always lonely while working 2-3 jobs just to support a family back home or merely just to earn a lot of money. I choose to think otherwise.

Just because I stepped into the U.S. soil, it didn't mean that I should stop dreaming and accomplishing more. And so in my list of things to do while I am in the States, amongst my financial goals, I also had my personal goals. And now, one by one, I am slowly checking off my list as I try to accomplish them.

I have had a series of opportunities that allowed me to really toughen up. I have also had a couple of embarassing moments which temporarily dampened my spirits. However in my pursuit to fulfill my goals that I have set, I have emerged a person that I am now. Modesty aside, I am really proud of myself and have never regretted my decision.

I found that I was really glad to have written down all these things to always remind me where I need and want to go. I strongly encourage everyone intending to migrate that they should have their own list so that life would not pass them by. It is unfortunate that I have met many Filipinos who seemed to have prioritized work and money alone. I believe that money is important however I also believe that personal and professional growth is just as important in order to live a fulfilling life.

My point is -Live a fulfilling life whether or not you are away from your family!