Wherever you may be, in the United States, Canada or Dubai and on your own, there will always be a time that you'll badly miss the family no matter what your motivation and quest is in a foreign country. And so I believe that you have to plan on what you should do whenever you have this feeling. And so here are 7 things I had planned to do and did to plow through those days.

1. Listen to the latest news about everything.
2. Take a walk. Enjoy the scenery outside. I just love going out especially when the weather is just right, not too chilly and not too warm either.
3. Share with a friend trivial stuff that happened during the day.
4. Watch the movie What Happens in Vegas by Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz.
5. Check out mom's photos sent by my brother for a good laugh (Sorry mom!). My brother regularly sends me hilarious pictures of 'senior moments' of mom and dad which just gives me good laugh, really!
6. Read Rich Dad's Prophecy. It's always a perfect time to learn something new.
7. Clean the bathroom. I prefer to clean the bathroom and kitchen in the middle of the night where I can detach myself from everything and just focus on the task. It is quite therapeutic.

People have different ways of facing a challenge as missing the family who are 13,000 miles away from you. These are mine. What's yours?

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