Exercise is the New Medicine

It doesn't matter what your age or level of fitness is, we can always learn to exercise and make our lives better. Ask Ernestine Shepherd, the world's oldest female body builder at 80 years old. She started exercising at the age of 56.

Ernestine Shepherd, World's Oldest Female Body Builder at 80 years old
In my profession in physical therapy, I have seen how many patients who could have avoided surgery or could have led a better quality of life had they not neglected their health. They suffer from chronic aches and pain in multiple joints of the  body. A few of them suffer from some form of depression and anxiety as a result of their medical problems.

I started running on and off about more than 6 years ago at the time when I realized that a little bit more weight was slowly creeping in. In the beginning, I was huffing and puffing but after doing it regularly I built my stamina and endurance. I eventually started doing 5K runs, 10K runs then progressed to joining half marathons (13.1 mile) and finally did my first marathon (26.2 miles) on 2012. I continue to do half marathons once or twice a year to keep me fit.

I do believe you have to make time for yourself to do exercise. Exercise has been dubbed as the new medicine. It is one of the best gifts you can give for yourself, for your family and friends. It keeps you mentally and physically fit, improves your mood and it keeps you young. You will have a lot of supply of the happy and soothing hormones that will help keep your relationships healthier. And there's less chance for you to be obese and overweight even when being surrounded by all these variety of delicious food options.

So take time to exercise. Start with a 10 minute walk and see where this journey takes you!