How much time do we have?

"How much time do we have?", asks the actor Ryan Reynolds in the movie School of Life . As his students ponder on the question, "not a lot," he says. This movie may be quite sappy for some but it is an inspirational movie that somehow compels in you to do everything you can to make sure every minute, every second of your life counts. Thus, sometimes I find myself still awake in the middle of the night trying to do something to align myself in my intentions to always keep on learning. I feel that twenty four hours is not enough to do everything you want to do in a day.

It may be the obstinate nature in me but I refuse to do anything mundane. A few months ago, my colleague and I were talking about the different settings that we wanted to work in.  She was in a phase where she wasn't excited with coming to work anymore. And she impressed upon me that she didn't have any choice to change jobs. I reiterated to her that we always have a choice. Especially more so that we are in America, the opportunities are out there. It is up to us to get out there and make the choice.

When I moved here, it was my choice to work under an agency so I can be exposed to the practices of different facilities. After five years, I felt it was time to move on.

A few weeks ago, I finally chose to accept a job offer from a great company. It was funny how just years ago, when I was walking along this company's hallway, I've always thought that that was a good company to work for. It is amazing how the universe conspires to give you what you want if you believe. Faith of course have to be coupled with action.

So friends, how much time do you have before you realize that life is a gift?  How much time do you have before you realize that whining and complaining about your life is futile unless you do something about it?

Take action. Make a choice.